English Best Mazes to Write About in Your Descriptive Essay

Children love taking adventures in mazes from Cornwall to the Peace Maze. Here are some of the best English mazes you can describe in your essay writing. If writing a descriptive essay seems a hard task, you may wonder which is the best service to get help with writing. But it is highly recommended to visit rankmyservice.com first, so you’ll know which services are not worth your attention.

The best mazes in UK to write a descriptive essay:

  • Cornwall Maze

It is situated on a farm in Cornwall Estate, and it changes annually. Some of the previous designs have included a dinosaur, a wizard, and a Jaguar. The only way you can find out the theme of this year is to visit there from the end of July to September. It is one place where you will enjoy the sun and also the run inside the maze.

  • Peace Maze

Castlewellan Park is the second largest maze in the whole world. It got planted back in 2000, and it commemorates reconciliation and Peace within Northern Ireland. It is placed in a great location within County Down, and it provides an excellent day for a whole family. You can find a bell at the center of the maze, which you can ring as you celebrate your achievement. After that, you have to find your way out of the labyrinth.

  • York Maze

The maze Is made from Almost 2 million maize plants and covers 32 acres. Every season that begins from July gets marked through growing a brand new design, and that goes a long way to pay homage to the popular culture, which includes Harry Potter and Star Wars.

  • Longleat hedge maze

 It has got six Bridges and almost 2 miles’ worth of pathways that you can explore. The Longleat Safari Park Maze is considered the longest in the whole world. It has got high walls, and it is an excellent attraction for children and even the elderly.

  • Hever Castle

 It boasts two magnificent puzzle mazes, which include a water maze and a yew maze. All you need to do is to navigate Through The Stepping Stones as you try to avoid getting splashed on your way to the center of the labyrinth.

  • Minotaur Maze

The myth inspired it among the Greeks called Minos and Minotaur. It is entirely Made of Stone and sits within the grounds of Kielder Castle. The maze will reward you an achievement with a room full of Glitter that has been made from hundreds or thousands of shards.

  • Noah’s Ark Maze

The park has got 14000 trees planted around a design of the Noah’s Ark and had seven animals within each. You get to the center by answering questions along the way, and the children have got a smaller Maze that they can use to practice.

  • The Forbidden Corner

You have the chance to get lost in a series of tunnels or Chambers within a 4-acre garden situated in Tupgill Park. It was initially developed back in the 80s as a private entity, but it later opened to the public after people grew curious about it. Some bizarre oddities and statutes have been spread all over the area.

  • The Traquair Maze

It is found in Scotland, and it is one of the giant hedge mazes in the world. Its layout is quite unusual because you won’t find any dead ends within it, and the visitors of the maze must find at least four service centers before finally getting to the heart. It is worth your journey, and it has been used for many films or TV series.

  • Glendurgan garden maze

It is a mysterious Maze because it winds up in the garden. The Hedges were planted almost 200 years ago, and visitors still come from all corners of the world to witness the fantastic view and puzzle that it offers.

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