Life is Like a Maze: Great Essay Sample in English

The path of life seems to be more of a maze than it is a straight line. Most of the time, we have taken some wrong turns, lost a lot of time or hit dead ends, or even got to some unexpected places. Sometimes you think you’re going in a good way but yet you head to another. We are constantly in motion, driven by want and need or carried with time.

Life is Like a Maze

The purpose of this symbol is be the journey itself. We exist, move, and live to explore some hidden alcoves or other nooks and crannies. If the journey is the purpose, it doesn’t matter where you end up or begin. You should enjoy the trip because some people believe that there is a hidden meaning or purpose to wherever you are headed. Some think that we are headed towards the center, which could be the Universal or Central core of awareness. As you reach the center, you can see yourself in a maze.

An awareness of the journey will bring you a great amount of wisdom tools and appreciation. Understanding will make you question yourself as to who you are. Without self-awareness, you can’t try defining anything because you can’t see or distinguish yourself from other things or people. There and then, the quest for enlightenment will begin discovering itself and also seek to create identity. The information on such an identity generates from within one’s body and without.

Accept that life is like solving a maze

The search for one’s self is not at all enlightened. Before we get capable of getting aware of ourselves, there is the overall context that is always weighed on us, and it guides us and shapes us. We don’t have any choice regarding whom, when, or where we get to be born. The only thing you are provided with is your identity which is your name and gender. First come your parents, then you meet friends, and from there the rules we tend to choose or the ones you get forced into will influence your life for as long as you are alive. Therefore, the self will begin to wander in the maze through seeking relief, making demands, or exploring. When we are babies, we demand attention, water, and food, then afterward, we develop the ability to disagree and will then be able to become rebels.

Another view on the Life is a Maze essay

The maze goes ahead to force or support the progress in life. When we begin, only a few of us will know whatever we want or where we might want to end up. We spend most of our time floating or fulfilling the expectations of others or exploring the relationship and career paths which are almost unexpected to us or disappointing to some degree. Sometimes you get off the track to bring up children of your own or take care of a sick parent or serve in the military, but it always is a part of the path. Even though you might know what you want to get, we do not always have the resources given to us quickly. The progress is usually cut short through blocks of classicism, racism, low self-esteem, chauvinism, discouragement, Prejudice, or even lack of knowledge. Some barriers can get worked around, and others help knock down other obstacles, but some will remain strong. The maze concept is critical when you want to understand that it is unrealistic to expect One clear trajectory in life, whether you are going forward or reviewing it.

The end goal is that we are usually oriented always to seek belonging and comfort. The self can sometimes get distracted from the authentic impulses or desires with ego or comfort. No location within the maze that can be termed as the end as time will move you out, or death will drag you along.

The purpose of the movement is always to find the true self and the place within the context. The campaign also drives us to develop our own space and our own set of values within the world.

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